What will Xbox Two be like and when will we see it?


#ProjectScorpio #XboxTwowhat will Xbox Two be like and when will we see it? : Microsoft’s Project Scorpio might be set to arrive next year, and while this is looking to be a substantial upgrade to the Xbox platform, it’s not a successor to the Xbox One by any means.

Yes the new console is set to contain upgraded hardware, and yes it will be able to play games in native 4K rather than just upscaling (like the Xbox One S), but it will still ultimately be a juiced-up Xbox One rather than an entirely new Xbox.

When it comes to the Xbox Two one thing is clear, Microsoft has a big job on its hands if it wants to claw back the substantial lead that Sony’s PlayStation has built up this generation.

With Bungie going multi-platform and Cliff Bleszinki leaving Epic Games, Microsoft has lost some of its biggest triple-A developers, and that’s really harmed it when it comes to exclusives this generation.

We have more questions than answers at this point, but you can be sure just as the sun is going to rise out of the east tomorrow, at some point Phil Spencer will have to take the stage at E3 and say, “Yes, Xbox Two is coming.”

But you can’t talk about a possible new Xbox without first taking a look at the current one.