7 features we want to see in upcoming Apple iPhone 7

7 features we want to see in upcoming Apple iPhone 7

#iOS10 #iPhone7 Seven features we want to see in upcoming Apple iPhone 7 : Apple iPhone 7 release is near and rumors are still coming in hot. Some of these rumors have video and pictures proof to be true and these look so real. Lots of design renders released, some of them are fan made but looks good.

There are lots of rumors we have seen and some of them are so much useful which Apple should add them in the next iPhone. I know there will be no transparent iPhone 7 because it’s not possible so we examined all of the iPhone 7 rumors and listed some which we all wants to see in next iPhone. These might be possible that you can see these features in iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 7: Touch home button

According to a leaked picture, Apple is going to remove the traditional home button with fingerprint sensor. iPhone 7 might be coming with a touch sensitive home button, which will be just a circle below the display.

We can see on the internet that iPhone users always face this home button issue. It can easily be broken because you have to double-click the button rapidly to get to the app switcher screen. Now Apple’s going to fix this home button issue by replacing it with a touch reactive home button.

Apple iPhone 7: Split-View

Split View is a feature released by Google in its new and upcoming OS – Android 7.0 Nougat. Using split view feature, you can run two apps side by side on the same screen. This feature was first introduced by Samsung in Galaxy Grand smartphone.

Apple iPhone 7: Lightning earphones

Apple’s going to save some space in iPhone 7 for dual speakers. Apple might be removing the 3.5 mm audio port and introducing a new type of earphones. These earphones use the lightning connector to connect with the iPhones.

LeEco released a phone with USB type-C audio port, but you have to use a USB type-C to 3.5 mm to connect headphones to that phone. In iPhone 7 we are expecting an earphone with the lightning connector.