Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 With Unknown ‘Innovations’ To Officially Launch Alongside Gear S3 This September


#GearS3 #GalaxyTabS3Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 With Unknown ‘Innovations’ To Officially Launch Alongside Gear S3 This September : Samsung is indeed launching its Galaxy Tab S2 successor, the Galaxy Tab S3, this September. The South Korean tech giant subtly confirmed this today via its Colombian website, validating months of rumors that it is releasing a new Tab S iteration this fall.

On its Colombian website, Samsung published a post stating that the Galaxy Tab S2’s successor will be debuting on the same day its highly popular Galaxy Note 7 phablet will be hitting the European market. And as per GSM Arena, it is already confirmed that the Note 7 is arriving in Europe on Sept. 2.

Samsung did not directly confirm that the Galaxy Tab S3 will be announced at IFA 2016, but Android Authority claims that the South Korean tech giant would surely not want to miss the opportunity of showcasing its new tablet at the massive electronics trade show. Hence, it is very possible that the Tab S3 will be launched alongside the Galaxy Gear S3.

When it comes to the specs and features of the Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung is still mum, but it did say that the device will be better than its predecessor – as expected. Also, it emphasized that the new iteration will be rocking a better processor and an updated operating system.

“With a processor greater capacity for processing information, along with an operating system that allows interactivity with elements that require good performance on a mobile device.

Samsung gives expect the upcoming release of the Galaxy Tab S3, which apparently has similar qualities to its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S2, but with some innovations so far not known,” a translated portion of the post reads.

Earlier this year, TENNA certified an 8-inch tablet for Samsung, which Android Headlines believes is going to be the Galaxy Tab S3.