Google’s Allo and Duo: Everything you need to know


#GoogleDuo #GoogleAlloGoogle’s Allo and Duo: Everything you need to know : At Google I/O 2016, Google announced two new cross-platform communication apps — Allo and Duo. These are supposed to be Google’s direct answer to Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime respectively.

These apps are not just secure and very functional, but also straightforward and easy to use. Do note that these apps are supposed to replace Hangouts in the long run, but the much-beloved Hangouts would still be around, as a number of companies use it as their primary video conferencing tool.

Google Allo — Something to beat the iMessage?

To make some things clear first, Duo and Allo are based on phone number rather than the email address, and while it may create some hindrances for those who own multiple devices, it also provides a layer of added security and privacy.

The main functionality that Google put emphasis on in the I/O was the integration of Google Assistant with the messaging app. What this essentially means is that whenever you want, you can bring up the Assistant in the app, and it will help you with whatever it is you were discussing — and the Assistant’s suggestions will be visible to the person on the other end too.

For instance, if you are making plans to have dinner with your friend, the Assistant will pull up a list of places nearby, their ratings, and the option to make a reservation. Further, a new feature called ‘Instant Replies’ would allow users to reply to a message by doing nothing but hitting one of the suggested responses.

The Google Assistant scans your interactions and photos, gives you useful suggestions, and with time, it learns from you. And all this adds up to become a personal experience — much like having a true personal assistant.

The new ‘WhisperSHOUT’ functionality lets you increase or decrease the text size of any message, you can express yourself in words more accurately. You can also fire up Google search by just typing in @Google. Incognito Mode and end-to-end encryption are also key features.

Google Duo — The next big thing in video calling?

The second gun in Google’s armory is a simplified, one-tap video calling app — Duo. Duo has already been released on August 16 and is available for download on the Play Store. It combines a lot of things that people loved about Hangouts, with newfound simplicity. The app is cross-platform, and that is one big advantage. On 3G, and on WiFi, Duo impresses the users.