Top 10 facts you must know about Windows 10 Anniversary Update


#Software #Windows10 Top 10 facts you must know about Windows 10 Anniversary Update : Microsoft announced to convey an annual update in each year and accordingly it brought up the second version of Window 10 in November 2015.

As the November Update wasn’t really that noteworthy as expected, Microsoft again almost before one year, has again geared up with the third installment of the OS which launched as ‘Windows 10 Anniversary Update.”

Microsoft, on 2nd August, wrapped off its 3rd and powerful version of Window 10 which is named as ‘Version 1607’. With much more refinements, improvisations, bug fixing, and upgraded software, this latest version of Window 10 has come to the ramp and expected to become a grand success for the originator company Microsoft.

With the update, Window 10 also introduced one major change in its Window Update part. Under this section, the users will get essential feature named as’ automatic or scheduled restart’.

This feature will allow the users to set your laptop to an automatic reset mode where the Laptop will reboot in its own convenient time. The scheduled restart mode is little better than the first one as it will allow the users to pre-set a time for the restart. Here is a list of top 10 key improvements and stimulating additions; one can get with this updated version. Have a look:

1)    Spruced up start screen:

In the initial release of Window 10, Microsoft re-introduced the start up menu of Window 7 version which was slightly improved in its later version. However, with this latest version, Microsoft has completely redesigned the start screen with heaps of added features.

The significant change in the start menu is the removal of All App Icons. Yes, you heard right! Microsoft has erased All Apps list from the Start Menu and added three new buttons like Recently Added, Most Used, and the All Apps in the only list. No doubt, this improvement made the use of Window 10 new version more flexible and convenient to be used in tablets.

2)    A new Notification Center:

In Windows 10, the users will get a new notification center, which is named as Action Center. Under this Action Center, the users will get all the notifications and updates from their software and apps. In this version, Microsoft has brought up small refinements in the user interface of the Action Center which is expected to make it more useful for the users.