NASA Research Results Now Available Free For Public


#Researchers #NASANASA Research Results Now Available Free For Public : The public wants access to NASA’s research databank. Well, the wait is over. Now such a cornucopia of vital information is freely available on a web portal.

All it will take is a click and the data will be available to the researchers for their research purposes. A novel agency public access web portal, this scheme will bring NASA many accolades and much in the way of goodwill from the public.

The famous space agency is going to do everyone a favor. It is literally freeing the fire of creativity online in the form of the rich portal which will be replete with critical knowledge and scientific wisdom.

NASA wants to show its commitment to the advancement of science and all things scientific. At NASA, there is a celebratory mood of euphoria over this opening up of a portfolio of publications.

The majority of them will be scientific and technical in nature. Via open access and creative endeavor, NASA plans on inviting the global thinkers to join them in exploring the frontiers of progress and innovation.

NASA also is on the lookout for articles that will be given a peer review and published in various journals and magazines. This is through PubSpace which is the agency’s main archive of funded research articles.

The earth, air and space will come into the purview of the main topics of this exciting portal. Any researcher worthy of making a name for himself or herself will find a virtual treasure house of information at the drop of a hat on this portal.

Not only can the data be read and analyzed but it can be downloaded on to your computer or tablet. Although this is not something new for NASA, now it is really going the whole hog and making everything public. It is a case of the more, the merrier.