Is that a UFO passing the surface of the moon?


#Moon #UFOIs that a UFO passing the surface of the moon? : All those sky watchers and UFO enthusiasts who were rejoicing over the recently released clip of a red orb moving across the sky, here is some more news from the same front. Another UFO clip has come out and it shows a mysterious black dot moving across the moon’s surface.

The 48-second video footage is available on YouTube page of “Paul and Keith on their Space Imaging,” Daily Mail reports. The two US-based space explorers have shared the footage on the video sharing site and have written that this kind of clip is not normal.

Well, it definitely looks queer and this is why has gotten UFO enthusiast all excited. The clip opens with an overall blank looking surface of the moon but few seconds down the line, one can see a small dot moving from the bottom to the top, swaying to and fro and then disappearing into the atmosphere.

The mysterious black dot in the clip seems to give the impression of a UFO, fuelling further speculations that aliens exist in the universe. However, some commentators have raised doubts over the back dot being a UFO and said it could be an insect on the telescope lens or a balloon.

Some have also called it a bird. In short, not everyone is buying the duo’s theory that it is a mysterious space object, which could be a UFO. Even Paul and Keith are not sure about its identity as they have also said that they have no idea, what it is exactly.

It is worth mentioning here that last week a Paris couple had also spotted a UFO-like object in the sky, The Sun reported. They captured it on their camera and later posted it on “Best UFO Sightings” channel on YouTube.

Within minutes of posting, the video became viral, drawing views in thousands. Space explorers and aficionados were intrigued with the footage showing a bright red orb swirling in the sky and then vanishing completely.