Xbox Project Scorpio To Signal The End Of Console Generations


#XboxProjectScorpio #GamingXbox Project Scorpio To Signal The End Of Console Generations : Microsoft’s biggest announcement at the E3 2016 conference was, without a doubt, Xbox Project Scorpio, an updated and more powerful Xbox One console. The company described the device as the most powerful of all time, one that would certainly usher in a new age of console gaming. Featuring 4K graphics, the most powerful processor in a gaming console ever, the “highest quality pixels,” Xbox Project Scorpio came with an entire host of massive pronouncements.

Some people were skeptical of the announcement, but Microsoft seems to be putting their whole behind Xbox Project Scorpio. A new interview between Head of Xbox Marketing Aaron Greenberg and technology website Engadget, some new, bold claims are made about the system, the future of Xbox, and gaming as a whole.

Xbox Project Scorpio
Image Credit: Microsoft Corporation

An exciting time for the video game community

Whether you are a fan of the upcoming console or not, it’s hard to deny that the video game industry seems to be undergoing a massive change, or shift, if you will. Its seems as if Microsoft is set on completely changing the paradigm of console generations with Xbox Project Scorpio, which is intended to be nearly 5 times as powerful as the Xbox One yet also intended to sit and function alongside the older machine. It will play the same games, albeit at a much higher resolution, and will most likely have some sort of virtual reality functionality that has yet to be explained. It’s a bold idea, and one that has the video game industry engaged in a lot of discussion.