Apple Watch 2 rumors: Apple runs into problems releasing cellular model in time


#Wearable #AppleWatch2Apple Watch 2 rumors: Apple runs into problems releasing cellular model in time : Apple has already taken the wraps off watchOS 3, which will debut this fall. But will the next-generation operating system have a new device to put its super fast app-loading times and brand-new fitness features to good use?

Apple Watch 2 rumors have been flying since the first watch started shipping last April. We’ll stay on top of the latest reports and figure out if they’re plausible or just wishful thinking.

What’s the latest?

The rumor: Originally, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Apple Watch 2 would include cellular connectivity. That might mean yet another data plan to pay for, but the watch would function on its own instead of being tethered to an iPhone.

Now Bloomberg has just found out that Apple is running into some roadblocks developing an iPhone-free Watch with cellular capabilities. The issue stems from the Watch’s cellular chips draining the device’s battery too quickly, which would result in “limiting user appeal.”

Apple is moving forward and will still release a new Watch model in September with GPS tracking, saving the cellular option for a future version down the road.

Plausible? Yes-Bloomberg is very reliable and it confirms the earlier WSJ report about Apple’s interest in a cellular Watch. With just a few short weeks before the Fall event, it seems very likely that Apple will be able to turn things around.

Which most likely means we will have to wait until at least next year for a Watch that doesn’t need to be tethered to your iPhone.