Chance to win 1 million dollars for those who can develop software for NASA virtual robot


#NASA #RobotChance to win 1 million dollars for those who can develop software for NASA virtual robot : The US space agency NASA has announced that it will give one million dollars as a prize money to the one who develops software for the humanoid c

Valkyrie, also known as R5, (R stands for Robonaut and 5 denotes the fifth version) was originally designed to aid in disaster relief, but now NASA scientists have found a better use of the humanoid and now they will use Valkyrie on Mars for searching life and to know how the planet became a deserted place where once water flowed. The robot will aid humans in Journey to Mars scheduled for the year 2021.

While talking of dimensions, R5 robot is 6 feet tall, weighs 290 pounds and has a human-like appearance. In addition, one can see the robot dancing on the beats, waving hands, balancing on right leg then left leg, shaking head, etc.

NASA logo encircled in a blue light is imprinted at the heart of robot which blinks just like a human heart does and makes us believe that the humanoid is alive.

The robot walks like humans; not so gracefully like humans do but yes, R5 is best in copying human walk. In addition, the humanoid can walk on uneven terrains, climb on stairs, use tools and perform several other human-like tasks.

To win the prize money, a contestant needs to complete three tasks that are aimed to simulate what a robot may be required to do while assisting a NASA mission to Mars, whether in a preparatory capacity before astronauts arrive or alongside astronauts.

The first task involves aligning a communications array. The second task involves repairing a broken solar array. The third task involves identifying and repairing a habitat leak.

A panel of judge will decide the winner on the basis of efficiency and ability to complete the given tasks, and how long it takes to complete the tasks. The competition will also have qualifying rounds before the main competition in which the participant team will demonstrate autonomous tracking abilities for the humanoid. You can watch Valkyrie dancing here. Source: