The Galaxy Note 7 has a big problem, and it might also affect the iPhone 7


#Smartphone #GalaxyNote7Galaxy Note 7 screen fails miserably in scratch test : Not only has the resolution of smartphone screens increased, but durability has, too. Some of the biggest flagships utilize Gorilla Glass 4, a damage resistant glass that’s capable of withstanding drops and other hazards of smartphone ownership.

You’d think the latest version, Gorilla Glass 5, would be an improvement, but it appears that’s not entirely the case. According to a video by JerryRigEverything, the Gorilla Glass 5 panel used on the Galaxy Note 7, which promises to be more shatter resistant, scratches much easier than the previous generation of Gorilla Glass did.

Gorilla Glass 4 holds up well until about a level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, which characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals. That means Gorilla Glass 4 can withstand keys and whatever else it is you have in your pocket. The Galaxy Note 7 starts scratching at about a level 3, about one step up from plastic on the hardness scale.

Basically, if you don’t use a screen protector on your Note 7, don’t be surprised to find scratches on your display no matter how careful you are. Sure, the Note 7’s screen is more shatter-resistant, but that apparently comes at a cost.

Just be extra careful when handling the device, because there’s nothing worse than a deep scratch staring you in the face. Then again, nobody wants to deal with a shattered screen either. Either way, the device’s curved design makes it difficult to repair, so take precautions before you take the Note 7 out into the wild. Source: technobuffalo