British Beaches Invaded By ‘Alien Eggs’?


#Alien #Eggs – British Beaches Invaded By ‘Alien Eggs’? : Britain’s citizens are avoiding the Cornwall and Devon coast after noticing hundred of “alien eggs” washed up from the sea. Some are wondering if the sea is invaded with extraterrestrial aliens, Daily Star reports.

Many are frightened after seeing many large, round-shaped “creatures” that some are comparing to alien eggs.

A woman that was walking along the coast noticed the odd sighting.

“No one knows what they are but everyone is worried. We want experts to examine them and let us know if they are safe. Quite frankly they are really weird and a bit scary.”

Another man was walking his dog at Long Rock, which is between Penzance and Marazion, and noticed the “alien eggs.” The dog walker even decided to take one home with him.

“They are quite rough to the touch. I would say it’s definitely some form of creature. They are all over the beach and the dog really didn’t like them. They’re like something out of Alien. I bought one home with me, then panicked and put it in the bin in case it attacked me.”

Daily Mail once reported “alien eggs” also in Britain, but in the countryside. The mysterious creature appeared to have red tentacles and was inside a fleshy egg sac.

When the “alien eggs” began to hatch, the tentacles eventually broke free and extended outward. When the tentacles spread out, a black, sticky substance was noticed.

Britain cases of devil's fingers, once thought to be alien eggs

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While many were intrigued by the sighting of a possible alien birth, the odd-looking creature was revealed to be a fungus nicknamed “devil’s fingers.”