Samsung Galaxy S8 – What will Samsung’s next flagship be all about?


#Smartphone #GalaxyS8Samsung Galaxy S8 – What will Samsung’s next flagship be all about? : Samsung just launched its Galaxy Note 7 to the customers, and a lot of people have crowned it the ‘closest to perfect’ smartphone.

Samsung has done a commendable job with the phablet — combining its newfound perfection in build quality, with a lot of raw power. Keeping in mind all this, one cannot help but wonder what the 2017’s Galaxy S8 will be about. To know more about Samsung’s other planned flagships, click here.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Design Language

As the design department is concerned, Samsung will go with what’s been bringing it glory for the past two years — glass and metal. Samsung has taken its time to master the build quality of its flagship devices, but Galaxy S6 onwards, it proudly showed what it could do.

With the Galaxy S8, the materials are not expected to change.A number of predictions and statements from Samsung executives have pointed to the fact that unlike the Galaxy S7, there will not be two separate models of the Galaxy S8. There will just one model — with Edge display and functionality — and no other ‘flat’ screen model.

Recent launch of the Galaxy Note 7, which sports the Edge screen without any mention of that in the name, could serve as a big hint too. It has been reported that one Samsung executive acknowledged that Samsung was planning to make the curved screen an identity of the Galaxy S lineup of phones. Samsung looks forward to offering the Edge functionality, and associated new features to prospective customers.

A number of sources also claim that Samsung is building the Galaxy S8 around the idea of VR, but that sounds a little unlikely. Sure, the phone will be a beast as far as VR performance goes, but the extent to which VR will affect its design is likely to be negligible.

The Galaxy S8 will carry forth Samsung’s brilliance in crafting a phone, and satisfy all those who want to feel a premium smartphone in their hand. Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7 are two of the best looking smartphones in the industry — and there is no empirical reason to change the whole design language in the next iteration of the flagship.