Apple vs Amazon: Who will become the world’s first trillion-dollar company?


#Amazon #Company Apple vs Amazon: Who will become the world’s first trillion-dollar company? : The race to become the first trillion dollar company is on and the big three in contention is Apple, Google and Amazon. But which one will cross the line first?

It’s been widely assumed for many years that Apple would be the favourite to break this barrier with an indomitable rise to the top of the tech tree, but after a recent shift in smartphone sales this has been thrown into doubt.

As Apple hits a slight speed bump it’s Amazon that’s moving up through the pack – even projected to slingshot past thanks to its ventures outside e-retail.

Despite ranking some way behind Apple’s $582 billion valuation at $365 billion, Amazon’s wide-ranging ventures offer a future that gives it a bright future to reach that target.

Through its Amazon Web Services, which offers hosting to some of the world’s biggest companies, as well as its move into the space race, drone delivery and a logistics service, its moves on the line graph have been heading steadily northwards in 2016.

This sharply contrasts Apple, who have endured a shaky downward dive since 2015.

In an article by The Motley Fool, however, it believes that despite the slide in iPhone sales all it will take is one big product push from Apple to get it well on-track to hit the $1 trillion mark. But don’t hold your breath for that to happen this year.

With the 2016 iPhone 7 expected to rock a less than different look and a controversial removal of the headphone socket, which will undoubtedly perturb those millions of consumers who are worried about the fate of their 3.5mm audio cabled headphones.

But we’re reminded that Apple is still the world’s biggest company for a reason. Its Q1 2016 profit result of $18.4 billion is still the highest by any company on record. Ever.

Experts recognise the smartphone market is becoming an increasingly more difficult place for Apple but also know its history, expertise and resources are a delicious recipe for success.