Xbox One Scorpio Release Date & Lates News Update


#Gaming #XboxOneSXbox One Scorpio Release Date & Lates News Update: The Xbox One Scorpio will not come cheap, according to Microsoft. During a recent interview, Aaron Greenberg, marketing head of Xbox, described the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio as a premium product without giving the specifics.

The Xbox One Scorpio was also described as the most powerful console ever made and a very high-end product, which means that it will also be quite expensive. Greenberg explained that PC gamers usually spend thousands of dollars for a 4K-compatible gaming system.

The Xbox One Scorpio will introduce 4K gaming to console systems, which will most likely result to the platform costing just under $1,000, at least. He said that the other details of the new console will be unveiled at a later time. GameSpot revealed that the current-generation Xbox One released at a price tag of $500 with Kinect, and $400 without the latter.

Greenberg wanted people to know that the Xbox One Scorpio is a wholly new console with several capabilities, including virtual reality (VR) support. The Xbox One Scorpio also works with current games and controllers, so players do not have to worry about purchasing more when the new system releases.

The Xbox marketing head described the approach as gaming beyond console generations. Engadget cited how Greenberg in explaining that they wanted gamers to continue playing titles regardless of the device that they are using, which is why they are introducing their games to Xbox Play Anywhere and across PC.

The Xbox One Scorpio may be the last console in the traditional console generation. During E3 2016, Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned that all games and accessories will work on all versions of the Xbox One, although Xbox One Scorpio is the only one that can run VR.

Most likely, the Xbox One Scorpio is the last of its generation. Greenberg thinks that the future is without console generations. He continued that they are focused on growing the user base of their games and wish to deliver their titles to as many gamers as possible. They aim to continue innovating and let players connect anytime and anywhere. More updates and details on Xbox One Scorpio are expected soon. Source: gamenguide