10 Ways to Speed Up Google Chrome on PC or Mac


#Chrome #Mac – 10 Ways to Speed Up Google Chrome on PC or Mac : Google Chrome is the most used desktop browser in the world and rightly so, as it’s also one of the most feature rich browsers. However, it is also notorious for eating up resources quickly and slowing down your computer; especially if it’s an older machine. Chances are, if you are a power user, you may not be satisfied with the performance Chrome has to offer.

Whatever your reason is; if you are looking to speed up Google Chrome then there are multiple tweaks to give Google’s browser a speed boost. Today, we will show you 10 simple yet effective ways to speed up Chrome:

1. Remove Unnecessary Extensions

Let’s start with something basic; many of the Chrome extensions work in the background to provide their services. In the process, they eat up a lot of system’s resources as they do their job. So, if you have too many extensions enabled on Chrome, they could easily be the reason of bad performance on Chrome. You should either disable or delete all the extensions that you don’t use anymore.

To do so, click on the hamburger menu at the top right corner of Chrome and then click on “More tools”. After that, click on “Extensions” from the side menu.


Now you should be directed to the extensions page where all your extensions will be listed. To disable an extension, click on the “Checkbox” next to it. If you would like to completely remove the extension, then click on the “Trash can” icon next to it. We will also recommend you to disable extensions that you don’t use frequently, so that they are available when you need them again.