[LEAK] GoPro Hero 5 images, specs, and features Update


#GoProHero5 #Camera – [LEAK] GoPro Hero 5 images, specs, and features Update : At last, something many action camera lovers have been waiting for has happened. Images and specs of the GoPro Hero 5 camera have leaked online! Seriously, the images in question appear to show the next camera from GoPro in great detail, and the specs that accompany them are detailed.

Image Source: photorumors.com


GoPro Hero 5 images

Photorumors.com (via Nokishita Camera) published the images on August 18, and in the pictures, you can clearly see that the camera has a GoPro logo on the back next to what looks like a touchscreen. The front side of the device is marked with “PVT3,” which means “production validation test 3” and suggests that GoPro is preparing to manufacture the action camera on a large scale.

You may remember that recently an instructional video showing a touchscreen UI that had not been seen before on a GoPro camera was leaked. It suggested that GoPro was considering removing the backpack from a future camera, and it seems like these new images corroborate that idea.

As for model variations, it is now believed that GoPro will soon announce two new models: the Hero 5 Session and the Hero 5 Black.