Samsung is shutting its Milk Music application from September


#Samsung #MilkMusicSamsung is shutting its Milk Music application from September : Samsung is shutting down its Milk Music app from September 22, 2016 on its Galaxy and Note smartphones.

The company introduced the Milk Music to the world back in March 2014 but it started to face existence threat from November 2015 when Samsung shut down the Milk Video, Variety pointed out.

Samsung Milk Music powered by Slacker Radio, is a free radio service where you can stream the music you are looking for. User can rapidly scan through 200+ music stations programmed by the experts.

This application is available on select Samsung Galaxy phones, smart watches, tablets and TVs. For expanded support, Samsung created a desktop web application in March 2016.

Primary goal of Samsung to launch Milk Music app was to offer personalized radio services to its coveted users of Galaxy and Note smartphones. The company saw a huge potential of generating more service revenue while attracting more and more new users for its products.

Official statement issued by the company states “Samsung is sun setting its Samsung Milk Music service in the United States on September 22, 2016.

We have made the strategic decision to invest in a partner model focused on seamlessly integrating the best music services available today into our family of Galaxy devices.”

On Play Store page of the Milk Music application, the same message has been posted, The Verge noted. In addition to that users have been redirected to Slacker Radio which is actually powering Milk Music but unlike Milk Music, Slacker Radio comes with a cost of $3.99 per month for Pro version and $9.99 per month for Premium version.

After launching Milk Music, Samsung also developed one video streaming app named as Milk Video to explore new horizons in the world of music. It even planned for an additional sport application to expand the verticals but it never happened in reality.