Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: Microsoft Takes on Apple in new TVC


#iPadPro #SurfacePro4Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: Microsoft Takes on Apple in new TVC : It is apparent that Microsoft is taking the tablet war to Apple with a bunch of brutal advertisements featuring the Surface Pro 4, and the iPad Pro. The video, which is titled ‘What’s a computer? Ask Cortana’ begins with a shot of the iPad Pro throwing a party.

Siri, on the iPad Pro, goes on to say that because of a new keyboard, it has become a computer, just like Surface Pro 4 itself. However, the iPad is then targeted with a number of pointed questions. All this ends in Siri making a despondent remark.

Watch the full ad here:

Cortana asks Siri what the party is for, to which Siri replies that iPad Pro has gained a keyboard, and that makes it a productive laptop. However, Cortana isn’t impressed — and then comes a series of veiled insults. The absence of a trackpad, mobile operating system, a less powerful processor and disappointing I/O — Cortana touched every hurting nerve.

Essentially, Cortana is telling Siri that the iPad Pro comes nowhere close to being a laptop. There are some clear areas where it falls short, the primary of which is that fact that iPad Pro runs a mobile operating system. Apart from that, lack of USB ports and trackpad isn’t very encouraging either.

However, what Cortana conveniently forgets are the things that iPad Pro does better than Surface Pro 4 — but then again, it is an advertisement from Microsoft. For our in-depth comparison of iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4: Laptop replacement wars Note that Surface Pro 5 is expected to be unveiled at the beginning of the next year with Kaby Lake processor on board. Source: androidorigin