Does Apple have an answer for the Samsung Galaxy Note7?


#GalaxyNote7 #iOSDoes Apple have an answer for the Samsung Galaxy Note7? : People have been talking trash about Apple. They claim its best days are over. Its revenue engine, the iPhone, is slowing down and the company has no new ideas.

The next big iPhone, the iPhone 7, which most people believe will arrive sometime in the next 60 days, will be a snooze fest of innovation. I think they’re wrong. I also think there is real cause for concern. Now is precisely the moment Apple needs to pull a Gorilla-glass-encrusted rabbit out of its hat.

Scarcely two weeks after Apple introduced the iPhone 6s and 6S plus there were fresh stories about the iPhone 7 and its A10 chip, a non-metallic case and edge-to-edge display – all for a phone that was at least a year away from existence. I get the impatience.

For as good as the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are, they were really incremental updates to the gorgeous, radical redesigns of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Obviously, Apple changed a lot (they say “everything”) under the hood (3D Touch – still awesome!), but to consumers, these new devices look virtually the same as the old ones.


No matter what you think of that last update, the iPhone 7 is supposed to be a more radical design departure. In the Apple design and development cadence, this is the more resounding “tock” after the quieter “tick” design updates found in the “s” series of iPhones.

Every change, though, is fraught with concern. The potential loss of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is depicted by some as a near calamity (we survived the demise of the serial port, we’ll survive this) and as potential marketing fodder for others.

A second protruding camera lens might further disrupt the once near perfect design tolerances of the iPhone.  And if we don’t get dual stereo speakers, well, we’ll be no better or worse off than before because the iPhone has never had stereo speakers.

That natural tension we feel between uncertainty and desire is under more intense pressure from a new external force, the stunning, recently released Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Whatever you think of Android as a mobile platform (a mobile OS that is a thousand times better than it was five years ago), one thing is undeniably true: People love this smartphone. To be honest, I’m smitten with it, too.

First of all, it’s the smallest big phone I have ever held. It has a 5.7-inch screen that is bigger than the iPhone 6s Plus’s 5.5-inch display, but in a noticeably smaller and lighter frame. They even fit a stylus in there and still managed to squeeze in a nearly two-day battery life. It seems like a magic trick, but it’s really a design triumph.