Apple iPhone 7 Rumors: 10 Confirmed Feature Upgrades for Next iPhone Hinted by iOS 10, Leaked Details


#iOS10 #iPhone7Apple iPhone 7 Rumors: 10 Confirmed Feature Upgrades for Next iPhone Hinted by iOS 10, Leaked Details : Apple has reportedly set the iPhone 7 release date to happen September 16 with the product intro scheduled on the 7th of the same month and the pre-order to start two days after.

The design and build of the next iPhone is expected to largely mirror what was seen with the iPhone 6S but the actual specs and feature upgrades remain unknown.

However, the flood of leaked details that came out in the past weeks plus the near final cut of iOS 10 pointed to a number of confirmed iPhone 7 specifications and feature upgrades. And nine are listed below:

Touch ID unlocking only

Apple said iOS 10 will power the iPhone 7 and the compatibility of the new operating system extends down to the iPhone 5S. That device model was the first recipient of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which also indicates that starting iOS 10 Touch ID is the preferred and easiest way to unlock an iPhone.

And that means Slide to Unlock will not be part of the next iPhone.

Actionable notifications

But iPhone 7 would-be buyers don’t need to unlock the device to take action as the tweaks were applied on the Notification Alerts that can be viewed (by swiping down on the screen) from the Lock Screen. In iOS 10, users will be presented with detailed and actionable notifications.

Spam alert

The sequel to iOS 9 is smarter that it can identify an incoming spam call and notify users, again without leaving the redesigned iPhone Lock Screen.

New Apple Music

Digging inside, users will find that iOS 10 ushers in a significantly redesigned Apple Music, Business Insider reported. “Now it’s a lot lighter, with much more white space, bigger letters, and more prominent album art,” the report said.

Smarter Siri

Siri takes a huge leap too and among the improvements the personal digital assistant will boast is the ability to transcribe voice mail that will be useful for iPhone users who prefer reading than listening to received messages.

Dump the apps

Beginning with iOS 10, Apple is empowering users to pick third-party basic apps that best appeal to them. The same bump also permits the removal of native iOS apps and per the latest beta version, everything can be deleted save for Safari and the Message app.