Apple Watch 2: What you should expect


#Wearable #AppleWatch2Apple Watch 2: What you should expect : Everyone knows that the smart wearable market isn’t as big as the smartphone market —  but everyone also knows the growth potential it holds. Apple Watch was launched in April 2015, and it has been quite some time since that happened.

Although a number of people initially thought that Apple might take a step back and reevaluate the Watch strategy, it is now being increasingly suggested that Apple Watch 2 is very well on its way.

Note that Apple debuted the watchOS 3 beta at WWDC 2016 — and as much as it is impressive to have a new OS on Apple Watch 2, new hardware to play with is also essential. Today, we take a look at everything Apple Watch 2 is supposed to bring with itself.

Barometer making its way

For those of you who don’t know, a barometer is an instrument which measures atmospheric pressure and therefore determines the altitude you are at. Barometer has been a part of smartphones for a long time now. To see it come to wearables — like the Apple Watch 2 — is very encouraging for those who want the device for fitness.

GPS on Apple Watch itself

Original Apple Watch used the paired phone’s GPS data to determine the location. This made it impossible to use the watch alone for location tracking activities. Apple Watch 2 is supposed to come with its own GPS functionality so that it doesn’t have to rely on your device anymore. This will especially benefit the fitness apps as they rely on accurate location.