Apple Watch 2 Feature Revealed By Nike, Apple Hints At Health Focus


#Wearable #AppleWatch2Apple Watch 2 Feature Revealed By Nike, Apple Hints At Health Focus : Nike, one of the world’s leading sportswear companies, has announced a complete rebranding of its popular Nike+ Running app. The mobile app is now called the Nike + Run Club app.

While the app gets some new performance features and visual and stability improvements, it’s the hint that it could work with watchOS and an Apple wearable with GPS, which can only be the Apple Watch 2, that has caused a stir!

The Nike + Run Club app

Visually, the app has been completely redesigned. Users now have access to information much faster than before, like run time, distance and location. Furthermore, there are more options to share what a user has been doing with their friends, which will likely lead to some friendly competition and increased motivation.

Aple Watch 2 intergration

Nike is heavily invested in the use of this app for the Apple Watch. This comes as it is being rumored that Apple could announce its next iteration, the Apple Watch 2, as early as September 7, but the consensus is that it will be later in the year.

The current version of Nike’s app on the Apple Watch tracks pace, distance, elevation, heart rate and mile splits. However, the Apple Watch 2 is rumored to feature GPS, which would mean users could go for a run without the need of an iPhone and still be able to track their distance traveled and other useful pieces of information.