iPhone 6s beats Galaxy Note 7


#GalaxyNote7 #iPhone6siPhone 6s beats Galaxy Note 7 : Samsung’s newly released high end model of smartphone, Galaxy note 7 did not beat last year’s iPhone 6s. The phone cum tablet (phablet) has high end specifications when compared to its previous model, but is left behind in the race of smartphones.

Samsung believed to achieve great success with the release of Galaxy Note 7. The exiting colors of this phone overwhelmed the Samsung inspirers to rush into the shops.

But, any phone released into the market will have tough competitions with its rivalry phones in that category. The host company of the released smart phone should be all set to hold and maintain strongly its position in the market with its rivalries.

Apple’s iPhone 6 when compared with the new Samsung-Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 6 was a way far ahead than it and also other smart phones available in the current market such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, Nexus 16, Microsoft’s 950 XL, HTC 10, LG G5 & One plus 3 smart phones.

Apple’s iPhone 6 being a 2GB RAM phone took the lead in the speed test defeating the newest Samsung arrival-Galaxy Note 7whose RAM is 4GB.

According to Mac Rumors, the speed test was conducted based on the apps opening at the same order and apps reopening from memory with the same order in both the smart phones.