10 things you didn’t know the Microsoft Surface Book could do


#Laptop #SurfaceBook10 things you didn’t know the Microsoft Surface Book could do : RUMOURS SURROUNDING Microsoft’s so-called Surface Book 2 get more feverish by the day, so we thought it prudent to revisit the company’s first true hybrid that made it all possible.

The Surface Book was not perfect, but it offered an interesting take on the humble laptop and the Surface Pen added an unexpected level of functionality. Here’s a selection of tricks and secrets to help you get the most from the device.

1. Adjust pressure sensitivity

The Surface Book supports up to 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, which allows nuanced strokes and a good level of precision. The value can be tweaked to better serve your needs, and configured with the preinstalled ‘Surface’ app. Just use the Search bar to find it or ask Cortana. Click the Pen icon to get at the settings and adjust the slider to configure the pen’s sensitivity.

2. Replace the battery in the Surface Pen

The AAAA battery that powers the Surface Pen promises a hardy 18 months of life, and replacing it is easy.

Rotate the end of the pen (indicated by the clip) counter-clockwise until you hear a click. Simply take out the extinguished battery, remembering to dispose of it carefully, and pop in a new one. Aligning the contacts is slightly tricky, so make sure it all lines up if you’re tempted to apply brute force.

3. Use handwriting recognition

The Surface Book’s handwriting recognition tool is impressively accurate. Just click the keyboard icon located towards the right of the Windows Taskbar, and select the Pen icon to switch between input modes.

From there just start writing in the panel to transform your handwritten scribbles into text.