Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Replacement Cost Way Higher Than Apple iPhone 6S Plus?


#iPhone6SPlus #GalaxyNote7Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Screen Replacement Cost Way Higher Than Apple iPhone 6S Plus? : The recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is considered as one of the best smartphones offered by the makers. There’s a ton of impressive specs and features on board to attract buyers.

The handset’s 5.7-inch 1440 x 2560 pixel display is protected by the shatter-proof Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front as well as on the back. But, one thing that might not work in favor of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is its screen replacement cost.

According to the Verge, Samsung’s support team has revealed that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users will have to shell out $270 from their pockets to get their broken screen replaced. The hefty screen replacement price will include the cost of a screen, repair expenses and shipping cost.

The smartphone maker guarantees that replacing the display will restore its water-resistance feature. It is to be noted that the display replacement cost is even higher than what Apple charges for iPhone 6S Plus screen, which stands at $150. In fact, HTC’s Uh Oh Program offers a free repair on a broken screen in the first year of purchase.

Furthermore, For those Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners who don’t want to take the risk of paying the hefty screen replacement price in future, there is Samsung’s $129 Protection Plus insurance plan which covers two accidental damages for two years. There will also be a $79 deductible for each incident, reported Ubergizmo.

In related news, a recently released video claimed that Galaxy Note 7 is more durable than its predecessors, but it’s more prone to scratching. This seems to be a bit weird as the Gorilla Glass 5 fitted on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is supposed to be the strongest iteration of the brand. Another two videos, one from TechRax and the other from Zach Straley, shows that the backside of the handset is less durable than the front. Source: Scienceworldreport