‘Take Me to Your Home County’: UFO May Have Been Spotted in Derbyshire, UK


#Derbyshire #UFO‘Take Me to Your Home County’: UFO May Have Been Spotted in Derbyshire, UK : A local newspaper in Derbyshire, UK was recently inundated with calls from residents who claimed to have witnessed some rather strange activity in the skies.

Flashing blue and white lights were spotted in the sky with some video footage sparking speculation about who or what was causing them to occur. Video footage filmed by Youtube user Wayne Austin, was posted online which added to the confusion over what may have caused the mysterious sightings.

A number of theories has been suggested by local residents such as the lights coming from a traveling circus that was based locally, or even the possibility of them being created by someone simply messing around with laser beams.

But as can be common with unexplained sightings such as this, the UFO theory is the one that dominated, with many users commenting about a possible alien invasion: “I stood 40 mins watching them. There was 4 in Derbyshire, above my house,” one YouTube user commented.

“I’m not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens!” another YouTube user stated.

According to eye-witness reports provided to Derbyshire Times newspaper, many of the local witnesses also suggested a theory that the lights could have been sky beams from a UFO craft looking to land in the local area.

Really? So, if there was such a thing as “aliens” from faraway lands even existing and choosing to visit our human hemisphere, we wondered where they may choose to land.

Is Derbyshire really the “ideal” location they would gravitate towards or should we assume another location where a significant number of UFO sightings may have already been recorded?