Top 2 Reasons Why The iPhone 7 Battery Is A Decent One? Or Is It?


#Apple #iPhone7Top 2 Reasons Why The iPhone 7 Battery Is A Decent One? Or Is It? : Which?, a gadget-testing firm based in the U.K. has published the results of its own battery tests which obtained valuable information as to whether the iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, HTC 10 or the LG G5 will reign supreme.

The batteries of the phones were tested out by comparing their battery life while doing phone calls and internet browsing. Surprisingly, the iPhone 7 was the ‘loser’ in the test.

Which? Battery Tests

“For the tests, we made a continuous call over 3G for the call time test and access a regularly updating special web page over 3G to measure web browsing time,” Which? stated. However, the previous test was not an accurate one. Why? The trend today is not only focused on using phones to make phone calls or browse the internet. What most people do now with their smartphones is that they use apps.

Reason #1: The iPhone 7 is designed by Apple to use minimal background power.

The iPhone 7 does, in fact, have decent battery life as Apple made sure that the standby and its own background power usage is kept at the minimum. Doing so maximizes the battery life of the device.

Reason #2: The iPhone 7 divided its core usage to improve battery life

The new and redesigned A10 chip features four of its cores for power, while the other four cores are used for low-power apps. Yes, measuring the battery life of smartphones is indeed a difficult task to do because consumers use their smartphones in a lot of varying ways.

Whichever the case may be, it is safe to conclude that the iPhone 7 may not turn out to be the best smartphone when it comes to battery life. But one thing is for sure, and that the iPhone 7 is packed with a ‘decent’ battery that gives out a ‘decent’ service to its user. Source: itechpost