Windows Phone just lost ANOTHER major ally


#Lenovo #WindowsPhoneWindows Phone just lost ANOTHER major ally : Microsoft’s mobile ambitions have suffered another hit after one of the world’s biggest electronics firms revealed it was pulling its support.

Chinese firm Lenovo has said that it will not be building any Windows Phone products for the forseeable future as it doubts Microsoft’s commitment to the platform.

Lenovo, which is the world’s largest PC manufacturer, has supported the spread of Windows 10 across its devices, but says it will draw the line at Microsoft’s mobile OS.

Lenovo is now pulling support for Windows 10 devices. (GETTY)

Lenovo’s chief operations officer Gianfranco Lanci said in a speech at the Canalys Channel Forum 2016 that, “We don’t have Windows phones or any plans to introduce a Windows Phone.”

“I don’t see the need to introduce a Windows Phone and I am not convinced Microsoft is supporting the phone for the future,” he added. “Windows 10 is a good operating system and will be a big opportunity in terms of refresh in the commercial space.”

Lenovo had built several Windows Phone devices in the past, but these have mainly been for sale in Asian markets, as it prefers to focus on Android devices built for its Motorola brand.