Leak Reveals Microsoft’s New Surface Keyboard That’ll Launch with the Surface PC


#SurfaceKeyboard #SurfacePC – Leak Reveals Microsoft’s New Surface Keyboard That’ll Launch with the Surface PC : Microsoft is very unlikely to take the wraps off the second generation Surface Book and the Surface Pro 5 this month, but instead the company is planning a larger event involving partners as well that would witness the introduction of a brand new Surface all-in-one PC.

This PC is expected to come with a new range of accessories, including Surface keyboards and Surface mice, and thanks to a leak, we can finally have a quick glimpse into what one of them is going to look like.

As you can see in the photo attached to the article, this alleged Surface Keyboard comes in gray to match the design style of the Surface lineup – although it perfectly comes in line with the Surface Book, the Surface PC seeing daylight later this month is also expected to feature a similar design and will likely be painted in gray too.

At first glance, however, it looks like a Surface-branded keyboard inspired from Apple’s own keyboard available with the iMac, but it goes without saying that Microsoft clearly gave its own unique touches to make it more special. What are these touches is yet to be unveiled, but we’ll find more details about the keyboard later this month as part of the official event.

Surface mice coming too

In addition to the keyboard, Microsoft will also introduce new mice, but their design is not yet known, although they are again expected to come in the same color as the Surface.

As far as the PC is concerned, the new all-in-one device will probably come with a 27-inch display and will feature 4K support, with hardware that will make it one of the most powerful configurations available on the market. It’ll be primarily aimed at business customers, although it’ll clearly appeal to consumers as well, but the high price will make it more appropriate for enterprises.

Full details will be unveiled later this month when some other partners are expected to present their new Windows 10 devices in a larger event in New York.source:softpedia