Microsoft Again Says Its Committed to Phones Despite Lumia Brand Demise Rumors


#Lumia #Microsoft – Microsoft Again Says Its Committed to Phones Despite Lumia Brand Demise Rumors : When looking at what is happening right now in the Windows phone world, but also when taking it account all the rumors swirling around these days, it becomes more obvious that Microsoft isn’t very keen on growing its phone userbase and the company actually achieves exactly the opposites.

Redmond has been most tight-lipped about its mobile plans lately and this uncertainty led to a number of developers leaving the platform, and now it turns out that not even partners are interested anymore in building devices that run Windows 10 Mobile.

But when asking Microsoft, it’s all going according to the plan and the firm is fully committed to Windows 10 Mobile, despite all the criticism, the developers leaving the platform, the rumors pointing to the imminent death of the Lumia brand, the declining market share, and the layoffs in the mobile unit.

“We are in!”

When asked by users if it’s time to switch to another platform, Dona Sarkar, head of the Windows Insider program, offered the obvious answer and explained that Microsoft has no plans to give up on Windows phones.

“We are still committed to Mobile and UWP for sure,” she tweeted. “UWP isn’t going anywhere. PC, Phone, IOT, XBOX, Holograms….we are IN!” she later added.

And yet, there’s this rumor making the rounds lately which seems to indicate that the end of the Lumia brand is closer than we think.

If the existing speculation is accurate, Microsoft could discontinue Lumia phones as soon as December, and then switch the focus entirely on the Surface Phone – if it exists, of course. Sources actually claim it exists, but the release date is still uncertain because not even Microsoft can be sure when it’s ready.

In the meantime, there are more and more signs that Microsoft’s new mobile strategy will be all about businesses, so the consumer focus will be dropped.

If this is true, Microsoft should have in mind that even those businesses turn into consumers outside working hours and employees still have to eat, listen to music, play, and browse the web just like any other user. That’s why apps and the consumer market are more important than Microsoft seems to realize. source:softpedia