How Will The Rumored Microsoft Surface Phone Stand up Against Google’s Pixel?


#GooglePixel #SurfacePhoneHow Will The Rumored Microsoft Surface Phone Stand up Against Google’s Pixel? : Microsoft Corporation will reportedly announce its next-gen smartphone (Surface Phone) soon while Alphabet’s Google revealed its much-awaited phone yesterday.

The Google Pixel and Microsoft Surface Phones are both positioned to shake the smartphone market up, and compete with the iPhone and other popular smartphones.

Both the companies have remained very mysterious regarding their next-gen flagship smartphones, however, a report from The Country Caller have tried building a certain picture in respect to these two smartphone.

Here is short and quick review of the Google Pixel and Microsoft Surface Phone:

Google Pixel

With the Pixel models, the search giant is trying to unify its upcoming devices. This is why the search giant has named its next-gen smartphone handsets as Pixel and Pixel XL, rather than using a more traditional ‘Nexus’ naming policy.

In addition, the Pixel and Pixel XL incorporate similar specifications unlike the current lineup of Nexus smartphone devices. But, the costlier Pixel XL incorporate a significantly bigger display in comparison to the smaller one.

The smaller Google Pixel comes with a modest 5.0-inch display screen while the larger Pixel XL spots a 5.5-inch display. Both the Pixel smartphone sport AMOLED display panels, representing a significant lift over the technology incorporated in the current-gen Nexus handsets.