11 Exciting Things You Can Do with the Surface Pro 4


#SurfacePro5 #Microsoft – 11 Exciting Things You Can Do with the Surface Pro 4 : No one took Microsoft seriously when it decided to leap head first into notebooks and tablets. The company referenced decades of experience building keyboards and mice, but it’d never built a computing device of its own beyond the Xbox One. The earliest Surface devices were cool concepts, but were rough around the edges. Microsoft needed a breakout hit and it got one a few years after the Surface’s launch with the Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro 4, Microsoft’s latest computing device is an improvement over even the Surface Pro 3.

The whole point of the Surface Pro 4 – really any Surface that’s ever been launched – is to allow users to do more with less. Essentially, Microsoft is trying to marry portability with power. It’s betting that users won’t want a tablet for play and a notebook for work. It hopes that a growing number of users will want something that can take on the productivity related tasks that their notebook handles perfectly. They also know that for some people, touch and an easy to use interface are paramount.

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Behind the touchscreen of every Surface Pro 4 are the innards of a full-fledged PC. Buyers can use apps downloaded from the Windows Store or stick to games and programs available over the internet. Most recommend splitting time between both apps and programs. Every Surface Pro 4 comes with what Microsoft calls the Surface Pen. This stylus allows users to navigate Windows without using their finger or a mouse. Additionally, the Surface Pen and Surface Pro 4 work together to let artists draw and note takers leave themselves hand-written reminders. The screen is capable of sensing 2,000 different levels of pressure created by the pen.