Is Apple Watch Series 2 Faster Than Series 1? Absolutely Not


#AppleWatch2 #Apple – Is Apple Watch Series 2 Faster Than Series 1? Absolutely Not : When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 last month, its chief operating officer Jeff Williams said the Series 1 had the same dual-core processor as Series 2, so it’s just as snappy. There are several differences between the Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 1. But, it turns out, speed is not one of them. The Cupertino company has discontinued the original Apple Watch.

Series 1 as fast as Series 2

If you just want a faster Apple Watch, you can go for the Series 1. Good folks at 9to5Mac conducted a real-life test of the new Watch models. They found that the two devices were equally fast when it came to using Siri, launching apps, and performing other tasks. Though Apple had confirmed that the Series 1 is “just as snappy” as Series 2, some believed that the higher priced Series 2 was faster.

The dual-core processor used in Series 1 is called S1P, while the chipset in Series 2 is called the S2. The difference between the two is that S2 has a built-in GPS. 9to5Mac found that the presence of GPS has no impact on speed. Despite the same performance level, there are still many reasons to opt for the Apple Watch Series 2 over Series 1, which doesn’t have much new in terms of features.