Here’s why Google had to copy the iPhone 7


#GooglePixel #iPhone7Here’s why Google had to copy the iPhone 7 : Google unveiled several new hardware products on Tuesday during a special media event, making us forget for a moment that Google isn’t actually a hardware company.

But if you really stop to think about them, none of them are original. They are just Google’s own versions of other top-selling products. Google copied Apple’s iPhone 7, Amazon’s Echo, Eero’s router, and it came out with a VR headset that many companies already make.

So why is Google just copying every single hot gadget in town? Because the best new product Google showed off on Tuesday wasn’t something you can touch.

Google did try to make hardware products before, but it consistently failed to come up with any real winners. The Nexus phones were never top sellers. Google Glass never made it past beta.

Motorola, which actually had a full-fledged hardware division already, was quickly dumped. And even the Nest acquisition didn’t go smoothly.

Sure, products like the Chromecast are proof that Google has what it takes to make it in the hardware business. But Google never really seemed interested in doing a better job at hardware.