Hurricane Matthew A Warning To Mankind: End Of The World, Alien Invasion Coming


#HurricaneMatthew #EndOfWorld – Hurricane Matthew A Warning To Mankind: End Of The World, Alien Invasion Coming : Disturbing satellite image of Hurricane Matthew has been making rounds on social media for an unusual reason. The storm system appears to have taken the shape of a skull or a goblin face viewed from the side.

Many have tried to explain the strange phenomenon saying that the skull symbolizes the death toll of the hurricane. Still others have a much more bizarre analogy; it is warning that the end is coming.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, the shape could be warning from extraterrestrials that they are coming. The skull, which represents death, could mean that the end of the human race is near.

UFOs have often been seen around extreme weather systems: thunderstorms,hurricanes, and tornadoes. Has Hurricane Matthew been chosen by aliens to be the harbinger of doom?

Hurricane Matthew: The Messenger Of Extraterrestrials?

Not likely because while the image, which has been shared over 1,500 times, is in fact scary it can be explained by good old fashioned science.

According to CNN, Paul Meyer, an atmospheric scientist from NASA’s Earth Science Office, explains that the image looks like a skull because the colors have been adjusted to focus on the eye of the storm. It is just mere coincidence that the hurricane’s cold connective clouds appeared to resemble teeth.

The frenzy behind the disturbing satellite image could be linked to pareidolia, seeing faces or significant objects in what appears to be random images. The same phenomenon can be observed when watching clouds in the sky.

These so called images are often blown out of proportion when fanatics or believers reject the facts. So-called miraculous images of saints appearing in everyday objects often become subject of heated debates because of this.

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While Hurricane Matthew might not be signaling the end of the human race, there are other alleged alien signs that cannot be dismissed so easily. And while these signs continue to make headlines, conspiracy theorists will always have something to hold on to. source:morningnewsusa