LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: Which Is The Best Flagship Smartphone?


#LGV20 #GalaxyNote7 – LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: Which Is The Best Flagship Smartphone? : Each year, the biggest brands introduce new versions of their popular flagship smartphones. With mobiles getting better and better, here is a quick rundown of the latest models from LG, Samsung, and Apple — the LG V20, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

When it comes to dimensions, the LGV20 is taller and wider than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. However, the Apple phone has a slightly sleeker look and denser body than the V20, followed by the Note 7. The build is also different for the three models with LG V20 looking more rectangular, Samsung Note 7 having curved sides, whereas the iPhone 7 Plus is similar to looks to that of its predecessors.

Looking at the display, the screen size is topped by both LG V20 and Samsung Note 7. Both the Android smartphones have similar screen resolutions. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has the best ppi among the three smartphones, as per NDTV Gadgets, followed by the LG V20 and then by the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is powered by Apple A10 Fusion, while the LG V20 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and the Samsung Note 7 is powered by Exynos 8890. The iPhone 7 plus seems to have faster CPU speed than the other two models with LG V20 coming at second followed by Samsung Note 7.

The RAM capacity is least in Apple iPhone 7 plus while it is similar to both LG V20 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 .As per Neuro Gadget , the expandable storage options are available for Galaxy Note 7 model and LG V20 model unlike the iPhone 7 plus model

The battery capacity is highest in the Samsung Note 7, with the next best being the LG V20. The LG V20 remains the only smartphone among three to have a removable battery.

From the camera perspective, the LG V20 has 16MP rear camera compared to 12 MP camera of both Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone7 plus. The iPhone7 plus  comes with a 7-megapixel front camera whereas both Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and  the LGV20 come with a 5-megapixel camera.

With iPhone 7 saying goodbye to headphone jacks, only the other two Android phones have the headphone jacks. The iPhone7 plus has certainly caught the imaginations of the fans with the innovative ear pods.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the only smartphone among the three to have Dual-SIM advantage.

The Galaxy Note 7, the LG V20, and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus are some of the best flagship smartphones available in the market today. Based on the lifestyle and interests, it would be up to the consumers who will need to scrutinize among these three smartphones to find the one which suits them. source:mobilenapps