Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Sees A Delay


#Microsoft #SurfacePhoneMicrosoft Surface Phone Release Date Sees A Delay : Microsoft’s foray into the world of hardware has been a steady movement, although not necessarily as wildly successful as that of the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series.

With the world expecting to see the Microsoft Surface Phone launched this year, it looks like such plans will have to take a back seat. A new rumor is going around, pointing to a different release date while bringing about speculation that the Windows 10 device will come with its fair share of business-centric features.

Most of the rumors concerning the Microsoft Surface Phone would concern the hardware specifications. The Surface Phone has been slated for the business market, which would normally be the domain of high end devices. The Register did mention on how the Surface Phone will be an enterprise sector device, as Kevin Gallo, Windows Corporate VP, did mention before that Microsoft is not going to ditch the Windows Mobile platform.

With Windows desktops targeting the high-end professional market, it would not be out of place to see the Microsoft Surface Phone keep such desktops company. Apart from that, the Surface Phone is said to boast of a powerful chipset – but the exact chipset remains unknown as at press time.

There were rumors of an unreleased Snapdragon 830 (we are just at Snapdragon 821 at the moment just in case you were wondering), or perhaps seeing even the Kaby Lake processor make an appearance. With Intel’s Kaby Lake processor due for a debut next year, then the Microsoft Surface Phone should also be released at around the same time.