Nintendo NX Release Date, News & Update: Surprise Launch Date Happening Next Week? Detachable Console Design Confirmed!


#Gaming #NintendoNXNintendo NX Release Date, News & Update: Surprise Launch Date Happening Next Week? Detachable Console Design Confirmed! : Months go by and the Japanese tech giant Nintendo has remained silent about its hotly anticipated gaming device, the Nintendo NX.

At this point, there is no clear information as to when Nintendo will really unveil the gaming console. The silence has made fans even more anxious to see what the console is about. Some have even formulated their own theories as to what Nintendo NX is all about.

Recently, these people who are hungry for information has taken it too far to believe that the NX will actually launch next week. As reported by Polygon, pizza delivery chain Papa John’s posted a tweet of a pizza box shadow with a caption “Something Better is Coming. 10/10/16.”

Although this would be obviously related to pizza, some of those who commented on the post actually thought that it has something to do with Nintendo NX. But as the news outlet pointed out, the food company definitely doesn’t know any details about the NX.

People just like to troll or take advantage of making a meme out of the announcement. Who knows maybe someone may have actually believed that the least expected places have the information they need.

Steven Williams, a popular YouTuber, may just have shared something about the Nintendo NX, Nintendo Life reported. During a Q&A session at the Retropalooza in Arlington, Texas, Williams seems to have confirmed what has already been reported several times, that the NX is a hybrid console.

Citing sources who have actually experienced playing with the console – one of them is a Ubisoft employee – Williams relayed that the machine’s programming is “really nice” and that “the concept is great.”

In addition, Williams said, “Someone else I know who has played on NX for twenty minutes says it’s as innovative as they’d hoped and [said] that ‘we wish that we had done it.’” At the moment, what’s known about the Nintendo NX is that it will be released sometime in March 2017.

There are already five games confirmed to be NX titles, including “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” For now fans will just have to wait for official announcements from Nintendo regarding the specs and features of the gaming console. Source: gamenguide