Shock claims UFO airport built in Middle East 5,000 years ago


#UFO #NibiruShock claims UFO airport built in Middle East 5,000 years ago : Iraqi transport minister Kazem Finjan said the Sumerians – who are believed to be the world’s first civilisation – flew to planets from the UFO airport in Iraq. The cabinet member revealed the spaceport was located in Dhi Qar, in southeast Iraq.

He made the bizarre claims at a bizarre press conference. Mr Finjan told the press: “The first airport to be built on planet Earth, 5,000 years ago, before the Christian era, was built here, in Dhi Qar.”

He continued: “When the Sumerians settled here, they knew full well that the atmosphere here was suitable for flying to outer space. “It was from here that the Sumerian spaceships took off towards the other planets.

“The Sumerians were the first to discover the 12th planet, which was acknowledged a few days ago by NASA, and named Nibiru, and which completes its orbit around the Sun every 3,600 years.”

Nibiru is a fabled giant planet that believers claim is heading for an apocalyptic collision with Earth. The myth – dubbed the Nibiru Cataclysm – was widely ridiculed as a conspiracy theory. But then astronomers from the California Institute of Technology revealed they had found signs of a real giant hidden planet.