Skip the iPhone 7 and Wait for the Microsoft Surface Phone: Leaks and Rumors


#SurfacePhone #iPhone7Skip the iPhone 7 and Wait for the Microsoft Surface Phone: Leaks and Rumors : Microsoft Corporation has done a great job of keeping mum about its rumored Surface Phone. Many people in the tech industry have taken it upon themselves to try to get into Microsoft’s head and to learn its plans for the coming smartphone.

Many more people have taken up the rather arduous task of dissecting every bit of action and inaction from the Surface team in order to glean information about the Surface Phone. Now, folks at ConceptPhones have come out with their own version of what they think the market can expect from the Phone.

ConceptPhone’s idea of the Surface Phone deviates from the other ideas for the Surface Phone on the market in that it doesn’t have a bold form factor as seen in previous concept ideas. Nonetheless, what the phone lacks in bold form factor, it makes up in smart a minimalist control.

What’s new in the latest concept of the Surface Phone

Microsoft rumored Surface Phone may not sport the usual rectangular form factor with sharp edges. Rather, the phone might sport the curved rectangle of the Lumia 800 similar to the curved rectangle found in Apple’s iPhone 7.

More so, the phone appears to have the signature curved back of the Lumia line for a better grip compared to the sharp angles of the iPhone. This latest concept also imagines that the Phone will contrast with Apple’s iPhone 7 by sporting a small home button crammed below the screen of the device.

However, the home button won’t double as a fingerprint sensor (another sharp contrast to Apple’s iPhone); hence, you don’t have to worry that the small home button will be too small for your thumb.

You can also expect the Surface Phone to an innovative “Smart all-in-one control” back button. The back button serves the function of powering on and off the Phone. The Smart back button also locks and unlocks the device.