SpaceX Rocket Explosion: Is sabotage really involved?


#SpaceX #Sabotage – SpaceX Rocket Explosion: Is sabotage really involved? : The possibility of having sabotage in work during the explosion of the SpaceX rocket is not ruled out.

SpaceX has long been in a stark rivalry with its rival, the United Launch Alliance. Just recently, an employee from SpaceX went into the ULA’s facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida. There, the person asked clearance to enter the roof of one of its buildings.

The weird part is that two weeks before this happened, an explosion happened on a SpaceX rocket. With this, an investigation took place putting the possibility of a sabotage to be likely. Three officials turn out to be witnesses of the incident.

Possible Sabotage on SpaceX Rocket Put into Likelihood

Another proof is that one of SpaceX’s video footages show an odd looking shadow appear out of nowhere. This happens simultaneously with the white spot seen on the roof of the building that was owned by the ULA.

Knowing that ULA is a rival of SpaceX and that it is inside the heart of SpaceX territory, then it makes perfect sense if ever this speculation really is true. According to Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, the incident was indeed “the most difficult and complex” problem the company has experienced.

Public Cooperation on SpaceX Explosion

One week after the rocket explosion, Elon Musk tells the public to turn in whatever audio, photo or video footage that they had during the explosion of the SpaceX rocket. Whichever the case is, SpaceX is more vigorous than ever to return to space by November this year, a plan that is surrounded by scepticism inside the space industry.

If the sabotage speculation turns out to be positive, then this would surely clean up the image and reputation of SpaceX, as well as put a shed of blood on the people who are responsible for the sabotage on the explosion of the SpaceX rocket. Either way, investigations are currently ongoing, so it’s best to wait for conclusive reports first rather than continue to speculate. source:hngn