Stunning footage of ‘UFO orb spotted at space station’ baffles viewers


#NASA #UFOStunning footage of ‘UFO orb spotted at space station’ baffles viewers : The footage believed to have been captured from the space craft shows a strange multi-coloured orb. The video was uploaded to YouTube by sonofmabaker who claims they recorded the UFO before NASA shut down the ISS’s live feed.

The YouTube user said: “[I] couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this UFO on a live feed from the International Space Station. “Because this happened so suddenly I used my iPhone to record the event. I didn’t want to miss it.

“NASA did cut the feed but only after I recorded this.” The video has caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts who all appear to have different theories about what it could be. Scott Waring, creator of the UFO Sightings Daily blog said: “It’s a great example of a orb craft in space.

“Notice that there looks to be a hole in its centre – that’s is not what is happening. “What you are really seeing is a wall become transparent so that aliens can see directly through it to view the space station.

“Even aliens get bored of watching computer screens and want to see it with their own eyes.” Bryan Eddy said: “I don’t believe anything NASA says or does.” However, some viewers have come up with their own theories about what the bizarre object is.

Jose Kunhardt said: “Looks to me like the wormhole from Interstellar.” Jeff Alver suggested: “It’s a portal to another dimension.” Other viewers believe it is evidence of a NASA conspiracy. Rick James commented: “I have seen [a] similar [UFO] on the ISS live feed.