Apple iPhone 7 Review: Battery Life Disappoints, Report Shows


#iPhone7 #AppleApple iPhone 7 Review: Battery Life Disappoints, Report Shows : Apple iPhone 7’s battery life is abysmal. That was the conclusion of a UK-based firm dealing with device testing. It’s absolute terrible despite the fact that Apple presented it as being actually better than the iPhone 6s which has an insane battery life. If these results are accurate then Apple is in for another fiasco.

Apple took to the stage on the 7th of September and announced its latest flagship, the iPhone 7. During the keynote speech, the battery was presented as being just a slight improvement and everybody’s been skeptical ever since. In Apple’s own words, the iPhone 7 offers two more hours of battery life as opposed to the iPhone 6s.

UK-based firm Which has run a very specific test that compares the iPhone 7 with three of its rivals and the results were smashing for the iPhone 7, but not in the good meaning of the word smashing. It was a bloodbath.

Apple iPhone 7 Battery Test

According to Which, the iPhone 7 scored 712 minutes of 3G call time as opposed to 1859 for the HTC 10, 1579 on the LG G5 and 1492 on the Galaxy S7. Results were a bit closer for the 3G internet use but it still came in last: 615 minutes for the iPhone 7, 640 for the LG G5, 677 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and 790 for the HTC 10.

It really goes to show that Apple doesn’t really concern itself with consumer issues, but this should have become clear during the first minutes of the presentation when they announced that they will be removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the current generation of the iPhone, something that attracted rage from every tech fan out there.

Check out Which’s full test below and be sure to drop a comment once you’re done. Why do you think battery life is so poor for the iPhone 7? Source:androidorigin