Nintendo NX Release Date, News & Update: New-gen console to be unveiled October 21


#Gaming #NintendoNXNintendo NX Release Date, News & Update: New-gen console to be unveiled October 21 : With September already way behind and October is now well underway, no reports can still confirm as to when the purported Nintendo NX will hit the shelves.

Information about this new gaming console from Nintendo remains to be one of the most well-kept and consequently, highly sought topic in the gaming industry. As pointed out by WCCFTech, there were rumors saying that Nintendo NX could be at least three times more powerful than the Wii U.

It will also reportedly offer support for latest-gen game engines like Unreal Engine, thanks in part for the company’s integration of the NVIDIA Pascal Tegra GPU chipset. 4K upscaling and HDR support, like those of the Xbox One S, are also seen as a possibility.

And while this slate of specs and features have yet to be confirmed, other reports popped out saying the new gaming platform could be finally seen in public this month, as part of the fifth anniversary celebration of Nintendo Direct.

Giving weight to these speculations is the company’s preferred October roll out date for its premium offerings like for example the “Mario Kart 7,” the “Animal Crossing” sequel, “New Leaf,” as well as the updates for Wii U and the “Super Smash Bros.” for Wii U Direct.

Yet another publication seeks to substantiate the claims by pointing out the statement from Andrew Collins, Nintendo Canada’s PR manager, made during an interview. Collins reportedly said that the entertainment company is indeed looking to use the Nintendo Direct fifth anniversary event to disclose details about the yet-to-be-revealed gaming console.

To reiterate, fans should expect some updates coming up about the Nintendo NX on Oct. 21. The device, meanwhile, is slated to hit the shelves by March 2017.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that these are just mere speculations and any information expressed herein must be taken with a proverbial grain of salt until official announcements from Nintendo are made. Source: christiandaily