300-year-old ‘Child Saint’ corpse filmed opening and closing eyes


#Mystery #Miracle – 300-year-old ‘Child Saint’ corpse filmed opening and closing eyes : In an amazing camera clip, a visitor to the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico, had a brief exchange with a 300-years-old corpse of St Innocence – as well as a million YouTube viewers.

He filmed her on camera and showed the footage to his family. However, he did not realise that he had caught her opening and closing her eyes – perhaps blinking – until he played the film. Watch the video. You can see the corpse’s eyes opening briefly.

Santa Inocencia had been a local source of prayers for three centuries. She had taken her First Communion in opposition to her father’s wishes. The saint is thought to perform a lot of miracles. She is reputed to grant the wishes of all Catholic devouts who visit Guadalajara.

The legend behind her says that her father did not want her to take her First Communion. She was studying in secret and saying her prayers, and was ready to take her Holy Communion with her classmates.

But when her father found out that she had taken it just some time before, he stabbed her to death in a rage. However, he immediately realised his mistake, and ran out of the house with piercing yells.

As soon as they heard the noise, neighbours gathered around the girl and found her battling death. They decided to take her to the cathedral, where she had taken Holy Communion with her classmates.