Alien News 2016: ‘Walled City’ Found On Mars, A Proof Of Life?


#Alien #MarsAlien News 2016: ‘Walled City’ Found On Mars, A Proof Of Life? : More alien news from our neighbor the Red Planet as NASA’s Curiosity Rover snapped another image that has sent conspiracy theorists into a frenzy. They claim that the images snapped by the Martian explorer show ruins of an ancient city – remnants of a long lost civilization.

While the alleged “walled city” is too far to be observed in detail, its appearance does resemble ruins found in the Middle East. The weathered look of the stone “walls” bear testament to its age, curious given the fact that the Martian atmosphere differs heavily from Earth’s.

According to Express, an alien conspiracy theorist revealed the suggestion of an alien civilization on the planet in a blog. In the post titled “Alien City Ruins on Mars In Official NASA Images?” they pointed out that the number of strange structures found on the planet has quadrupled.

“In fact, nearly every single image beamed back by NASA’s rovers on Mars seems to show at least one particular ‘object’ which appears to be artificially carved or created.”

Walled City Found On Mars?

Some of these alleged “proof” can be attributed to pareidolia, the phenomenon where we see significance in random images. The same phenomenon has explained the alleged “skull” image of Hurricane Matthew which also made alien news.

Who’s to say this new discovery could very well be another example of pareidolia? After all many so-called “irrefutable proofs” have been dismissed after new images were made available.

However, many still remain unanswered baffling scientists and conspiracy theorists alike. The sheer lack of viable information other than those sent by rovers and satellites continue to detract skeptics from putting down speculations.

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While scientists dismiss such anecdotal evidence as proof of alien life, the possibility of such things existing is another matter entirely. While mainstream science considers alien hunters and alien news enthusiast to be on the fringes of scientific study, they themselves are hunting for extraterrestrial life.Source: morningnewsusa