Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date: New Table Still Likely To Launch In 2016 (VIDEO)


#Apple #iPadAir3Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date: New Table Still Likely To Launch In 2016 (VIDEO) : Rumor mills have not ceased churning speculations centering on Apple iPad Air 3 release date hinting that the purported new iPad Air tablet will be launched sometime this year.

Other reports, however, suggest that the launch of the new iPad Air is not anticipated anytime soon. The reports base their theory on the fact that the lion’s share of Apple’s new products has already been launched. But some optimistic reports don’t seem to share the same opinion.

Although Apple did not mention iPads during the recently concluded iPhone 7 launch, according to a report on MacWorld, it’s safe to hazard a guess that the Cupertino based tech firm will take the wraps off the new iPads in autumn 2016 as there’s still plenty of time left in the year.

It can be recalled that Apple releases its new tablets in the month of October. The original iPad Air was launched on October in 2013, while iPad Air 2 was launched on October in 2014. If Apple follows its release pattern, gadget freaks will have something to cheer about in the form of a new iPad this month.

Another factor that further cements the claim is that Apple has already begun tailing off the price of the current gen iPad Air 2. Some fans consider the discount as a clear indication that an all-new version is in the offing.