HP Spectre 13: this is the MacBook Air killer


#HPSpectre13 #MacBookAir – HP Spectre 13: this is the MacBook Air killer : Thin and light doesn’t mean lacking in oomph – today’s power laptops are the perfect blend of performance and portability and this HP Spectre has everything in spades.

The 13-inch HP Spectre goes right up against the MacBook Air and other thin-and-light ultraportables such as the Asus Zenbook.

HP Spectre 13 design

The Spectre boasts a latest-generation high-end Core i7 processor and Full HD display yet is only 10.4mm thick. We love the sleek lines of this laptop. Since the MacBook Air first arrived in 2008, the thin and light laptop hasn’t changed a great deal. But what we have had is increasingly phenomenal power under the hood.

HP’s latest does innovate, with its gold (sorry, copper) fingerprint-attracting edging and sleek black finish, but while the overall aesthetic is world’s apart from most people’s perception of HP, there’s not a huge amount to distinguish it from the ultraportables of several years ago (we’re thinking particularly of Asus’ luscious Zenbook line here). Apparently the Spectre’s colouring is ‘dark ash silver and luxe copper’.

You’ll get plenty of people thinking the finishing is rose gold instead though! The way the screen almost ‘floats’ above the keyboard is pretty darn cool. Note there’s also a new, trendy version of the HP logo which HP is using on its consumer gear in the Envy and HP Spectre lines.