Hurricane Matthew: Storm approaches US, two million people urged to evacuate


#HurricaneMatthew #Florida – Hurricane Matthew: Storm approaches US, two million people urged to evacuate : Hurricane Matthew makes its landfall in the US East Coasts, prompting the states of Georgia, Florida, and North and South Carolina to evacuate people.

Hurricane Matthew continues to gain strength as it prepares to devastate states on the US East Coast. The storm has wrought havoc in large parts of the Caribbean, including Haiti, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Bahamas. The devastation those countries underwent has prompted the US to brace itself for a potentially-destructive experience under the storm.

Now, the US government has urged at least two million people of Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Florida to evacuate and shift their homes as Hurricane Matthew approaches towards. Scientists say this it’s been ages since such a strong hurricane has hit the US and the Caribbean. According to the research report hurricane Matthew is a Category 3 storm with a speed of 185 km/h. On Thursday, it first hit central Bahamas. Every day, new reports of deaths and destruction from Haiti have depicted the kind of devastation the storm brings.

One important thing of note about Hurricane Matthew is that it’s set to maintain its strength as a Category 3 storm in the coming days. Florida’s Cocoa Beach has already experienced a destructive preview of the storm. Continuous forecast reports about the storm have already created huge panic among the people living within its vicinity.

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In Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley has ordered to change the traffic and create a proper route so that a large number of the affected population can be shifted to a safe place. Even a set of key lanes is reversed to anew direction to create a  safe passage. On the other hand, authorities in Florica have been urged to conduct a large evacuation of more than one million people from the coastal area. And the latest report already confirmed that so far, more than one million people have been cut off of power.

In a word, after a long decades, the people of the Atlantic coast are witnessing a crucial natural calamity. Source:hngn